Montessori for Balance: Building Skills and Confidence

We are introducing with our unique high-quality multifunctional product – a balance beam for kids.

Balance beam is unique with its double-sided options: from one side it is a smooth board and from another side – a different obstacle course. Thanks to its double-sided design, the balance beam is suitable for children from the moment when they start to walk, till they feel free to balance and walk on the obstacle course. Beams allows children independently to set up balancing playground, play, and explore their body’s capabilities and physical boundaries.

Balance beam for kids have many benefits:

It improves sense of balance and agility

it builds concentration skills;

it improves muscle strength and coordination;

it helps to develop different postures;

it develops fine and gross motor skills;

it develops the creativity to play

Balance beam for kids is a type of gymnastics equipment that is designed specifically for children. It is typically smaller in size and lower in height compared to adult balance beam, making it more suitable and safer for children to use. It is typically made of lightweight and durable materials such as wood or foam and can be adjusted to different heights and widths to suit different skill levels and exercises.

Different shaped obstacles improve feet sensory stimulation and are recommended to gain barefoot sensations. It is an open-ended wonderful wooden is a good leg trainer, which helps prevent flat feet and it also helps against toe walking.

Balance beam is completely safe for children, as long as used according to the instructions. The best is to play with balance beam on a hard, flat surface. It’s an easy way to install it, small to store it, and a safe way for children to explore and achieve their developmental milestones.

Happymoon balance beam can be very well used in Montessori method.

The Montessori method is an educational approach that emphasizes self-directed learning and the development of a child’s natural curiosity and interests. In the Montessori classroom, balance training is often incorporated into the curriculum as a way to help children develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Montessori balance training activities can include things like walking on a balance beam, carrying trays with small objects, or stacking blocks to build towers. These activities are designed to help children develop their sense of balance, coordination, and body control. They also help children to improve their concentration and focus.

Montessori balance training activities can be adapted to suit children of all ages and abilities. For example, a younger child may begin by walking along a low balance beam while an older child may progress to more challenging activities such as walking on a beam that is raised higher of the ground or walking on a beam that is narrower.

In Montessori education, balance training is not just an isolated activity but is integrated into the daily routine and curriculum. Children learn to balance themselves physically, emotionally and mentally. The Montessori method encourages children to explore and discover the world around them through hands-on activities, which helps children to develop their physical and mental balance. And balance beam is one of the best indoor activities to let the child build skills and confidence.

If you find Montessori method as attractive and plan how to entertain your kid at the same time letting him to explore body capabilities and develop sense of balancing and coordination, then HappyMoon balance beam will be a good helper and a great investment.

Take a look in our shop and find the best set and most suitable color for you and your kid. We are sure that your kid will appreciate this new toy and it will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions in your playroom!

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