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Thanks to Climber unique design, it can be transformed into more than 30 different shapes in a very short time. Our Climber has a wide variety of add-ons which allows you to expand your indoor playground. Read more below.

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Product dimensions 76 x 52 x 20 cm
Package weight 16 kg
Package dimensions 76 × 52 × 20 cm

HappyMoon Climber

HappyMoon Climber is designed as a starter kit to develop gross motor skills, balance control, courage, and much more.

HappyMoon climber with ramp


Thanks to the design of HappyMoon Climber, it can be easily transformed into more than 30 shapes and used in various ways - depending on the age of the child and imagination of the parents. For example, create a small house, use Climber as a football gates or use our add-ons and turn the stairs into a Swedish wall.

Secure lock

Thanks to the Climber unique safety system with the locking caps it can be transformed easily. This also allows parents to feel safe about their kids, as the locking cap system makes the Climber stable.

Safe coating

The sides of the Climber and the ramp are covered with a special very smooth coating (transparent laminate). Climber steps and edges are left unfinished so that the children’s hands do not slip. Steps as also all colored details at ramps are painted with water-based professional Italian paint. All materials/paints used in production have the necessary safety certificates and can be used to paint children's toys.


HappyMoon Climber is designed for a compact storage. We also offer an addition to the stairs - a wall mount, which will not only transform the stairs into a Swedish wall, but also save space in the room.


We offer various add-ons to the Climber. For example, double-sided wooden ramps, a wall mount that will turn your Climber into a Swedish wall, and rings that will allow your child to develop completely different muscle groups.

Old world craftsmanship

All our products are carefully handcrafted. We pay much attention to a quality control at every stage of product development. In total, 16 experienced employees are involved in the product manufacturing. It is essential for us to create products that meet the highest customer requirements.


  • Thanks to the Climber modular design and many add-ons, it can be used from the moment when kid starts crawling. At first toddlers can learn movements by moving through different forms of Climber. Also, a slide can be added. Later, we recommend to use wall mount, which allows you to transform Climber into a Swedish wall, thus allowing the child to develop new movement skills and making the toy interesting for a longer period.
  • HappyMoon Climber and ramp can withstand weight up to 50 kg.
  • Happymoon products can be used indoors and outdoors for short period in adry weather, but we do not recommend it.
  • To change Climber positions, you need to unscrew the HappyMoon screws and remove the locking caps, which will allow to transform Climber modules freely into the desired shape. To fix the shape, put the locking caps back in the places intended for them and fasten with screws.
  • HappyMoon products are safe as they have obtained CE, SGS and TUV certificates. These institutions have admitted our products as stable and safe for children. We like the Montessori idea of child’s independent development, but we recommend parents to be always present to offer help when needed.
  • We are open for cooperation for wholesale and drop shipping purposes. Contact us! When we will receive your request, we will send you a wholesale offer.
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