Blue stone ramp/arch/rocker


This unique arch combines 3 objects: an arch climbing stone ladder, ramp to HappyMoon Climber, and a rocker if you turn it over (Fully compatible with our Climber)… (scroll for more)


Processing time 1 week

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Latvian birch plywood, water-based child safe paints

Stone color

Colored, Blue, Darkwood

Product dimensions 98 x 47 x 42
Package weight 7 kg
Package dimensions 105 × 60 × 10 cm

3in1 Climbing arch, rocker and ramp

HappyMoon arch

HappyMoon arch

Our arch is unique with added stones which helps to more improve cognitive and functions skills. HappyMoon arch can be used as a separate element or as a part of the HappyMoon climbing set. Use the arch as a balance board, ramp, ladder, rocker, play screen, tent, or come up with your own version of the game.
HappyMoon arch

HappyMoon ramp

You can advance the level of the arch as your children grow by placing the arch on the HappyMoon Climber step and let them challenge their new limits. It is a perfect additional ramp for the HappyMoon Climber kit. Check out HappyMoon climber

HappyMoon rocker

Our arch-rocker has perfectly finished edges and in the complect comes 2 dowels with 4 small HappyMoon screws which allow toddlers to feel more comfortable and stable when swinging. HappyMoon smart design protects your toddler fingers from pinch.

Smart design

HappyMoon smart design protects your toddler fingers from pinch.
HappyMoon climber with ramp

Old world craftsmanship

With lots of handworks and unprecedented quality control at every production stage.
16 experienced specialists are involved in the manufacturing process. We are responsible for what we do, our products are clean, neat, and finished perfectly.


  • We recommend using our ladder starting from 1.5-2 years, but it all depends on the activity of the child, we have received the video reviews from clients where a 10-12 month-old child's climbed the ladder freely. Children under 1 - 1.5 years old mostly climb along the ramp or swinging into rockers, which is easier and more interesting for them, and only then they begin to climb to the ladder.
  • Our climbing toy has been tested by adults and easily holds a load of more than 100 kg, however, for reasonable safety, we recommend using it with a maximum load of 50 kg.
  • HappyMoon arch/rocker/ramp can be used indoors or intemporarily dry weather outdoors. But we don't recommend it to use outside.
  • We encourage parents to allow their children to climb and develop independently; however, it does not mean that children can play unattended. Do not be over-controlling with your child – it can create a false sense of security and confidence, but always remain nearby at a distance where you can provide help and support to your child. Do not leave your child alone with the training toy, just like any other object that a child can climb and fall from (a table, chair, bedside table, bedhead, toy box, etc.).
  • A bulk order starts from 8 pcs. Shipping price only decreases if you buy more than 6 pallets, which means (8x6) 32 climbers.
  • In this time couriers are operating normally, but we can’t say what will happen next, also with regard to production at the moment, everything is fine and we continue to work actively within the specified time frames. But unfortunately in such difficult times, I can’t be 100% sure in the near future, although I really hope that covid19 will not affect us.


Thanks to our customer feedback, we are able to improve the quality of our products and services every day.

I cannot emphasize enough how incredible the quality of this product is and how happy my little one was with it. It arrived perfectly packaged with padding, making any damage to the product practically impossible. The amount of care that went into the crafting is apparent. I highly recommend to anyone who is on the fence about this purchase. It is a lot of money up front but is so versatile and so solidly constructed that it will stick around for years if not generations of fun climbing.


Really happy with my purchase and I must say customer service is beyond expectations. They were available for every query and sorted every hick-up we had.

Absolutely gorgeous climber, well-made, really good quality, beautiful colors and so many options on how to use it. The unboxing video on YouTube is also super helpful. Would 100% recommend this product!

A work of art. This is so well made! Has a lovely texture to it. It is much safer than other climbers out there. Versatile! I highly recommend it! Delivery was also fast and seller is easy to communicate with. It has been a HUGE success with my toddler!

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