Balance board. Life is like the ocean

Everyone – a toddler, teenager and a parent will find balancing as an interesting activity because board can be adaptapted for all age groups. Surf style balance board helps to train stability by shifting your weight from side to … (scroll for more)

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Only a board, A board with roll, A board with roll and matt

Package weight 9 kg
Package dimensions 79 × 34 × 14 cm

HappyMoon balance board. Life is like the ocean


Surf style balance board helps to train stability by shifting your weight from side to side or from front to back. It helps to stretch and strengthen different kinds of muscle groups. Using a balance board is a great way to train your body as well as to help yourself on a rehab of leg injuries. Excellent in combining with other workouts by making them more dynamic, active, and diverse.


Use your imagination and try to balance in different body positions. Maybe try a different surfboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding or wakeboarding elements. Try this unique stylish balance board and make sure how many different ways it can be used.


Board size: 75x33 cm / 29.5x13 in
Cork roll size: 40x10 cm / 17.7x4 in
Cork matt size: 91x65 cm / 36x26 in


Intended for beginners as well as professionals. Can be used by all family - children and adults. Use stoppers to change the difficulty level!

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