1.1. The General Terms and Conditions shall be applicable to the relationship of the www.happymoon.com customer (hereinafter – the Buyer) with the owner of www.happymoon.com (hereinafter – “HappyMoon”)

SIA Velo Machine
Address: Lielā iela 3, Dreilini, Riga District, LV-2130
Reg. No.: 50103384091
VAT reg.: No. LV50103384091
Account: LV44HABA0551030284565
Email: [email protected]

1.2. Regarding legal relations, which were established, when purchasing goods

1.2.1. The general terms and conditions may not be in conflict with the legal norms applicable in the Republic of Latvia, and if necessary (in the case of disputes or missing information) they are supplemented by the legal norms in force.
1.2.2. HappyMoon reserves the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions and product prices for the purpose of business results, competitiveness, further development and addition or modification of the product assortment. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions and product prices shall take effect from the moment they are published on the website www.happymoon.com. If the Buyer has placed its order before the amendments to the terms and conditions come into force, the terms and conditions applicable at the time of placing the order shall apply to the Order.
1.2.3. HappyMoon and the Buyer want to make a trade transaction through the website www.happymoon.com in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this document.
1.2.4. By placing an order on the HappyMoon website, the Buyer confirms that he/she has read and agrees to the terms of sale.


2.1. Price of Goods
2.1.1. The prices of products sold on the HappyMoon website are in euros and dollars, without delivery costs. Delivery costs are added to the price of the products on the checkout page, where you will be able to see also if the VAT is included.
2.1.2. The buyer shall cover the following additional costs: duty, tax and customs clearance. These types of costs can vary widely and often depend on the price and type of goods, the weight and size of the packaging, and the taxes, duties and charges of the country of destination.
2.1.3. The buyer shall be responsible for any import duties, taxes or brokerage duties payable at the time of delivery.
2.1.4. An international shipment cannot be marked as a “gift” or have its value changed.
2.1.5. HappyMoon reserves the right to adjust prices. If the Buyer has placed an order before the price change takes effect, the price valid at the time of placing the order shall be applicable to the Buyer.
2.1.6. More detailed information about delivery methods and prices is provided on the website www.happymoon.com at the time of purchase.

2.2. Purchases
2.2.1. The price or availability of the goods may regularly change and without prior notice. If the Buyer has placed an order before the change of the relevant conditions, the terms and conditions in force at the time of placing the order shall apply to the Buyer.
2.2.2. If it is not possible to fulfil the order, the Buyer will be contacted and the amount paid will be refunded.

2.3. Payment

2.3.1. If the order and contact information have been duly completed/sent, an invoice will be sent to the Buyer at the e-mail address provided by the Buyer to HappyMoon.
2.3.2. After the receipt of payment for the goods/receipt of goods, confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail.

2.3.3. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. And the following bank links: Estonia: SwedbankSEBLuminor, LHV, Coop Pank, Pocopay and Liisi ID; Latvia: SwedbankSEBCitadele and Luminor; Lithuania: SwedbankSEB and Luminor; Finland: Aktia, Ålandsbanken, Danske, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästopankki, Pohjola, POP Pankki, S-Pankki, Säästopankki.
2.3.4. Orders placed on the HappyMoon website www.happymoon.com are processed from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00, excluding public holidays.



3.1. The purchased goods are delivered in the territory of Latvia by Omniva and DPD parcel terminals or by Omniva and DPD delivery to the address specified by the customer.

3.2. Delivery of goods to European countries is carried out with the delivery of Itella (gls).

3.3. Delivery of goods outside of Europe is made by an international UPS supplier.

3.4. All purchased goods are accordingly delivered to the address specified by the customer, on the basis of the specified delivery times. Emergencies and unforeseen circumstances may delay the delivery of orders. Delivery terms and costs are available at www.happymoon.com/delivery


4.1. Orders and returns
4.1.1. The consumer shall have the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement without giving reasons within 14 days from the day of delivery of the goods free of charge (if the consumer has ordered several goods delivered separately in one order – from the day of delivery of the last good) and receive a refund. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Buyer can send a notice of withdrawal to the e-mail: [email protected] The Buyer must send or return the goods to HappyMoon within 14 days after when the Buyer has sent HappyMoon a notice of withdrawal from the agreement.
4.1.2. HappyMoon will reimburse the Buyer the amount paid by him/her (excluding transport costs for the return of goods and additional costs for the delivery method chosen by the consumer other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by HappyMoon) within 14 days from receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the agreement. However, HappyMoon reserves the right to withhold a refund until HappyMoon receives the item. The seller shall evaluate the reason for returning the goods and only then shall the money be returned to the buyer.
4.1.3. Please, make sure that the returned goods are unused and in the original packaging. You are responsible for any reduction in value of the good if the good has been used for purposes other than ascertaining the nature, properties and performance of the good.
4.1.4. The original packaging must be opened carefully without damaging it. The buyer will only not be liable for damaged packaging if the packaging cannot be opened without destroying/damaging it. If the Buyer has damaged the packaging due to negligence, i.e., it was possible to open the packaging without damaging it, the Seller shall be entitled to claim compensation for the damage caused.
4.1.5. If, upon receipt of the goods, the customer discovers that incorrect or damaged goods have been delivered to the customer, or the goods do not reach the customer in good condition and in a sealed package, the customer must immediately contact the representative of the Seller by writing to the e-mail [email protected].
4.1.6. The Seller shall be liable for the goods purchased by the customer during the transportation thereof. The risk of damage or loss shall pass to the customer from the moment the goods are received.
4.1.7. It is not possible to return the product if the product is made with a custom design (for example, personalisation).
4.1.8. Please, do not return the product without our confirmation. To solve the unpleasant situation, please, contact us in advance by writing to the e-mail: [email protected].


5.1. The Seller uses the personal data submitted by the Buyer and information about the purchases made in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, to the extent it is necessary for the fulfilment of the order made by the Buyer. The Seller shall not transfer the Buyer’s personal data to third parties, except for the company providing delivery services, to the extent it is necessary for the delivery of goods to the customer.

5.2. The Seller processes the Buyer’s personal data in accordance with the Privacy Guidelines of the Seller, which are available at: www.happymoon.com. For more information on the processing of the Buyer’s personal data, please, become acquainted at www.happymoon.com/privacy-policy or contact HappyMoon.


6.1. In the case that the buyer wants to file a complaint:
6.1.1. The Seller shall be responsible for the non-conformity of the purchased goods for 2 years after delivery of the goods to the Buyer. When selling goods to a consumer, it is assumed that non-compliance of the goods with the terms and conditions of the agreement, which occurred within 6 months from the date of delivery to the customer, was at the time of delivery, unless such presumption contradicts the nature or defect. The Buyer shall inform the Seller about the non-conformity of the goods immediately, within 2 months after the discovery thereof, i.e., submit a complaint.
6.1.2. The buyer can submit a complaint by contacting “HappyMoon”, writing to the e-mail [email protected]. Please, indicate the customer’s name and contact information, the date of submission of the complaint, the defect of goods and the content of the submitted complaint in the complaint, and attach a document confirming the purchase.
6.1.3. When executing the order, the Seller shall not be liable for any loss or any other consequences arising from the fact that the Buyer has provided incorrect information, including for a delay in delivery, if it is caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Seller.
6.1.4. The Seller shall not be liable for losses incurred as a result of improper use or storage of the goods ordered by the Buyer.

6.2. In the event of a defect of goods, the consumer shall have the right to:
6.2.1. At first, request that defects of goods are eliminated or exchanged for new goods free of charge.
6.2.2. Request a reduction in the price of the goods or termination of the agreement if:
• the seller cannot eliminate the defects or exchange the goods,
• the repair has failed,
• the seller has not eliminated the defects of the goods or replaced them within a reasonable time,
• the repair or replacement of the goods has caused disproportionate inconvenience to the consumer.
6.2.3. The seller shall not be responsible for defects in the goods:
• if the reason for the defect of the product is improper use or careless maintenance, or the fact that the product has already been opened or repaired by someone other than our company;
• in the case of improper mechanical damage;
• if the damage is caused by overvoltage, damage caused by water or fire or other circumstances beyond the control of the manufacturer.



7.1. Coupons are valid for a limited time only.
7.2. HappyMoon reserves the right to modify or cancel coupons at any time.
If you do not purchase the qualifying items added to your Cart when the coupon is in effect, the discount will not apply.
7.3. Coupons are not applied to items on sale.
7.4. The coupon offer will not be valid until it is applied to the qualifying item.
7.5. The coupon may only be used on www.happymoon.com and www.happymoon.store.
7.6. The promotion is limited to one coupon per customer.
7.7. Promotion may not be combinable with mail-in rebates.
7.8. If you return any of the items purchased with a coupon, the coupon discount or value may be subtracted from the return credit.
7.9. Applicable shipping and handling charges apply to all products.
7.10. Add-on Items require a minimum purchase.
7.11. Void where prohibited.
7.12. HappyMoon has no obligation for payment of any tax in conjunction with the distribution or use of any coupon.
7.13. Consumer is required to pay any applicable sales tax related to the use of the coupon.
Coupons are void if restricted or prohibited by law.


8.1. In matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions, the Buyer and HappyMoon will comply with the laws and regulations, being in force in the Republic of Latvia.

8.2. Disputes arising between the Seller and the Buyer shall be resolved through negotiations. In the case of a failure to reach an agreement, the customer may in certain cases be entitled to apply to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission (http://www.ptac.gov.lv/lv/content/pateretaju-stridu-risinasanas-komisija-0 ) and/or to the competent court according to the place of residence of the customer. The consumer also has the right to lodge a complaint through the online dispute resolution platform at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

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