Wall Mount


!!! This product only includes a wall mount for the HappyMoon climber (The kit includes everything that you can see on the table in the second photo of the product), the price does not include the climber itself and the ramp.

The wall mount is designed to transform your HappyMoon Climber like a Swedish wall!
Wall mount gives you an opportunity to easily and fast put your HappyMoon climber on the wall and take it off.

The wall mount is designed for solid walls made of concrete, brick, blocks, and other similar materials, as well as for fastening to a solid wooden wall.

Wall mount designed to use with HappyMoon climber, ramps and additions for kids from 2 till 8 years or max. 50 kg.

Processing time 5-7 working days.
Package weight 3 kg
Package dimensions 78 × 13 × 12 cm
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