Climber as a clue to child’s development

Climber as a clue to child’s development

If the child becomes interested in climbing on different surfaces at home, then his body calls to train movement skills. In this situation the task of the parent is to create safe and appropriate environment at home for child’s development. Here you will find a clue to the solution.

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Create safe place for child’s activities

To help a child to develop independently, very important is to create safe and attractive environment. If possible, we can go outside to exercise in the yard, go to the forest, play in the playground, or go to the river. But unfortunately, sometimes due to the weather or other factors, often we are forced to stay in the rooms, but we are not limited to create new ways how to help our children to train their skills.  Especially we felt this during the Pandemic.

Often due to the busyness of parenting we have no ideas how to occupy child qualitatively. In order not to stifle the child’s natural desire to explore and develop the sensitive period of movement, as well as to maintain harmonious relationships and keep your furniture in a usable condition, we recommend introducing a place at home that will allow the child to continue exercising qualitatively, safely, and independently.

Ideas for safe indoor playground

Create a safe and fun place at home – an obstacle course with pillows, blankets, gymnastic matt, chairs, stool steps or look at our storewhere you will find smartly designed, attractive and climbing products for child development. After the creation of such a place we can guarantee that the child will no longer climb on furniture and surfaces that threaten his safety. He will love to spend time in his new indoor playground. How we know that? Because we have more than 13 000 customers which approves that.

Our product benefits

Our collections – HappyMoon and PELTES – offer a wide variety of wooden items for climbing. Here you can read about the benefits of our products for toddlers and kids. If you are interested more in our product description, benefits and differences from other products, you will also get an insight about them here. Just keep reading!

For toddlers (1-3 years old):

Our climbing products will help your toddler to move from the sitting position to the standing independently. Later he will try to put a foot on a pikler lower step, grab a higher one with his arm and start to pull himself up. Approximately when child is 2 years old, he will start hold himself and climb up and down to a Climber.

Thanks to the design of various forms a child will learn to overcome different obstacles. Every muscle and mind will be constantly busy.

Children not only like their movement possibilities in this stage, but the desire to hide, to be searched for and to build houses or tents. Therefore, our pikler triangles will be a great help in developing this activity. Cover them with a blanket, fill them with pillows and lamps. Create a hidden place for a child.

For children up to 3 years old:

As children grows, our products grow along with them. Thanks to our pikler triangles unique design and several add-ons, pikler triangles can be used by toddlers and preschoolers as well as children at the school age.

“My daughter is 2 years old and plays with her 11-year-old cousin! They both love it!” /A review from Etsy online store/

We have an add-on which is our best seller among our customers – a wall mount, which allows you to easily remove and attach the stairs to the wall, transforming them into a stall bar in a short time. To make this toy more valuable and diverse there is also the option of adding exercise rings, ramp and a table/chalk bar.

Our products give children many movement opportunities, as well as help to create customized indoor playground. Our products foster such abilities as: climbing, pulling up, balancing, simultaneously use of both hands, training gross motor skills, self-expression, self-defense, eye-body coordination and use, concentration.

Our products help children to learn other important things. For example, how to help to a friend, not to push others, how to take care of toys and use them creatively.

Child’s development – suggestions according to Montessori method

Children loves when you let them do things on their own. And by doing things themselves, they get more pleasure, and they are overwhelmed by this feeling. Thanks to the feeling of independence, the child learns how to be responsible for himself, others, and the environment.

Follow your child’s pace and interests. Let the child from time to time be on his own and make choices by himself instead of suggesting something. Do not interrupt him – be an observer at the same time considering safety issues.  Do not rush the child while he is using the toy. Even if a brother or sister is waiting for him. Did not disturb the child’s deep concentration. Offer your help only if you see that the child is stuck or cannot cope by his own. But if you must leave the house, make sure he’s finished to play with pikler triangle before you ask him to do it. And warn that you will be leaving soon, so that the child is emotionally prepared that there will be changes. He can independently evaluate whether continue activities until the moment of your leaving or to end them immediately.

Create interesting and safe environment with a playground – your child will be happy and thankful! Besides your child will learn many new things and train different abilities.

Happymoon Climber as a clue to child’s development

DESIGN: Smart design with movable joints
WEIGHT: Sturdy and massive construction that will last for generations
COLOR: Classic colors
REVIEWS: Thousands of positive reviews from people all over the world

Are you still in search of best solutions for your child’s indoor playground?

One of our smartly designed products is our HappyMoon Climber which will help to create safe environment for exercising indoor. HappyMoon Climber is recognized as one of the best pikler triangles in the world! It is proven by its high sales rates – more than 10 000 buyers.

Our Climber has many advantages. Thanks to its smart design the HappyMoon pikler triangle can be converted into more than 20 variations, and it has many add-ons which allows Climber to grow along with a child interests and skills. For example – ramps! On the one side there is a ramp with obstacles, but on the other – a slide. This gives an opportunity to combine ramps with Climber in both ways.

Peltes climbing set as a clue to child’s development

DESIGN: Modular design with the ability to add other climbing elements
WEIGHT: Light weight construction
COLOR: Scandinavian colors
SAFETY: Made according to EU standards
REVIEWS: New product – rapidly gaining popularity

Peltes climbing set is unique with its modular design – it allows to add many add-ons and create different shapes and change the length of the obstacle courses.

Both Peltes Climbers and arch can be used seperately which is great starter kit for kids. When child is growing very efficient is to use them together and expand indoor playground. This opens possible modifications in more than 20 different variations.

This is an insight to the smart use of climbing triangles. You can start with a single Climber, and later expand your child's playground as you wish!

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