Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

    1. You are welcome to read the HappyMoon Privacy Policy. This policy describes how SIA “Velo Machine” (registration number 50103384091, VAT number LV50103384091, address: Lielā iela 3, Dreilini, Riga District, LV-2130, the Republic of Latvia) (hereinafter referred to as “HappyMoon”) collects and processes personal data that HappyMoon obtains from its customers and persons, who visit the HappyMoon website (hereinafter also referred to as “Data Subject” or “You”).
      1. Personal data shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, i. e., Data Subject. Processing shall mean any activity related to personal data, such as acquisition, recording, modification, use, viewing, deletion or destruction.
      2. The controller of Your personal data is SIA “Velo Machine”, to which You shall turn in the particular case in order to purchase a product or service.
      3. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully. If You have any questions or requests, please contact HappyMoon using the information provided in the “Contact Information” section.
  2. When do we process personal data?

    1. When You visit the HappyMoon website, purchase HappyMoon products or use HappyMoon services, HappyMoon may process the following data of Yours, including personal data:
      1. Name and surname;
      2. Date of birth;
      3. Contact data (e-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers);
      4. Transaction data (transaction time, purchased goods, price, payment information, etc.).
    2. When You apply for the HappyMoon payment service, HappyMoon needs to obtain additional data about You. In this case, HappyMoon may process the following data of Yours, including personal data, as per need:
      1. Data regarding an identity card or other personal identity document (document number, personal identity number);
      2. Information on income and failure to fulfil payment obligations;
      3. Bank account and bank details.
    3. When You apply for work in HappyMoon, HappyMoon may process the following data of Yours, including personal data:
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Google Analytics Third-Party Cookie Google Analytics uses cookies to obtain information about when You first visited the website, how often You visit it and how long You stay on it. The information stored in these cookies is only visible to the relevant employees of HappyMoon and Google, and does not contain any confidential information or personal data. We also use Google Analytics cookies to monitor the functionality of our website.