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1.1. You are welcome to read the HappyMoon Privacy Policy. This policy describes how SIA “Velo Machine” (registration number 50103384091, VAT number LV50103384091, address: Lielā iela 3, Dreilini, Riga District, LV-2130, the Republic of Latvia) (hereinafter referred to as “HappyMoon”) collects and processes personal data that HappyMoon obtains from its customers and persons, who visit the HappyMoon website (hereinafter also referred to as “Data Subject” or “You”).

1.1.1. Personal data shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, i. e., Data Subject. Processing shall mean any activity related to personal data, such as acquisition, recording, modification, use, viewing, deletion or destruction.
1.1.2. The controller of Your personal data is SIA “Velo Machine”, to which You shall turn in the particular case in order to purchase a product or service.
1.1.3. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully. If You have any questions or requests, please contact HappyMoon using the information provided in the “Contact Information” section.


2.1. When You visit the HappyMoon website, purchase HappyMoon products or use HappyMoon services, HappyMoon may process the following data of Yours, including personal data:

2.1.1. name and surname;
2.1.2. date of birth;
2.1.3. contact data (e-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers);
2.1.4. transaction data (transaction time, purchased goods, price, payment information, etc.).

2.2. When You apply for the HappyMoon payment service, HappyMoon needs to obtain additional data about You. In this case, HappyMoon may process the following data of Yours, including personal data, as per need:

2.2.1. data regarding an identity card or other personal identity document (document number, personal identity number);
2.2.2. information on income and failure to fulfil payment obligations;
2.2.3. bank account and bank details.

2.3. When You apply for work in HappyMoon, HappyMoon may process the following data of Yours, including personal data:

2.3.1. name and surname;
2.3.2. e-mail address and phone number;
2.3.3. the preferred region of the workplace;
2.3.4. information provided in CV;
2.3.5. other information provided by You during the application process:

2.4. When You visit the HappyMoon website, according to Your choice of use of cookies, we collect and process the data obtained as a result of Your visit to the website, such as Your location and the device used, IP address, time of visit to the website, menus used on the website, etc.

2.5. When You contact HappyMoon via the HappyMoon website, telephone, e-mail or social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Etsy, Pinterest or other future channels), HappyMoon collects and processes the data generated during communication, such as Your emails, queries and other data You provide or disclose to us.

2.6. HappyMoon does not collect data about You from third parties or public and private sources except for as set forth in this Privacy Policy.


3.1. Customer data processing
3.1.1. HappyMoon only collects and processes personal data in accordance with the stated purposes of data processing and always provides a legal basis for data processing, as well as respects the interests and rights of the Data Subjects in accordance with applicable law.
3.1.2. When You purchase HappyMoon products or use HappyMoon services, we use the information we collect from You to fulfil the business relationship with You (sell and deliver the relevant product, provide the service). In this case, the legal basis for the processing is the fulfilment of mutual contractual obligations.
3.1.3. We can use Your personal data to send You
news and offers from HappyMoon partners if You have given us Your relevant consent or subscribed to receive news and offers on the HappyMoon website, or if You have not objected to receiving the relevant news and offers when making a purchase.
3.1.4. If You want to send us messages or comments, ask questions or send requests, subscribe to receive news, etc., You can use the HappyMoon website, e-mail or social media to communicate. In this case, HappyMoon shall use the personal data You provide to answer Your specific question or request.
3.1.5. We may use anonymised information to improve our services or products, or for other marketing purposes based on our legitimate interests.
3.1.6. HappyMoon can organise a variety of campaigns and lotteries through its social mass media channels. If You decide to participate in the campaign, Your data will be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the specific campaign, including the fact that we may publish the names of the winners and contact them through social media channels.

3.2. Application for jobs
3.2.1. When You apply for a job at HappyMoon, we process the information You provide, including personal data, to assess Your suitability
for the vacancy at HappyMoon.
3.2.2. When using public sources, we can verify the accuracy of the data You provide.
3.2.3. We will use Your data during the application process; among other things we may ask You to provide additional data and answer questions, invite You for an interview and offer to conclude an employment contract.
3.2.4. We use the personal data of successful candidates in order to conclude and fulfil an employment contract. If necessary, we will ask for additional data necessary for concluding and fulfilling the employment contract.

3.3. Video surveillance cameras.
3.3.1. HappyMoon uses video surveillance cameras at the place of work. Therefore, please note that Your image may be stored in our video surveillance camera records. Appropriate stickers shall provide information on the use of video surveillance cameras.
3.3.2. The legal basis for the use and processing of video surveillance cameras and records made shall be to protect the legitimate interest of HappyMoon,
HappyMoon property and HappyMoon employees from damage, injury or loss.
3.3.3. HappyMoon ensures that only a limited number of designated persons have access to and use of video surveillance camera records, and only when it is strictly necessary for the above purposes.
3.3.4. HappyMoon ensures that video surveillance cameras are not installed in places where You need complete privacy, such as video surveillance cameras are never installed in locker rooms and toilet facilities.

3.4. Processing of personal data for other purposes.
3.4.1. In certain cases, HappyMoon may process Your personal data when required by law. For example, there are certain cases where we need to retain data as required by accounting or tax legislation.
3.4.2. Pursuant to Your consent, HappyMoon may process Your data for purposes not specified in this Privacy Policy. Based on Your consent,
HappyMoon will process Your personal data to the extent and for the purposes set forth in the relevant consent.


4.1. On the HappyMoon website visitors can receive information about HappyMoon products, branding and ongoing campaigns, as well as contact us, apply for a job with us and use other website menus.

4.2. Cookies
4.2.1. The HappyMoon website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that a browser stores on Your computer or other device that You use to visit the website (phone, tablet, etc.). Cookies are mainly used to make the website work more efficiently and to provide a convenient and individual user experience. For example, cookies store information about Your choices on our website and what websites You have visited. Cookies do not retrieve data from Your device or store personal data.
4.2.2. When You visit the HappyMoon website for the first time, You are informed about the use of cookies and are offered to make Your own cookie choices. By continuing to use the website, You confirm that You agree to the use of the relevant cookies.
4.2.3. You can disable the use of cookies by changing the privacy settings of Your browser. You can block cookies completely in Your browser by only enabling them on certain websites, or by enabling them completely. If You disable cookies, some parts of the website may not function properly.
4.2.4. The HappyMoon website uses both session and persistent cookies. Temporary or session cookies are deleted from Your device as soon as You close Your browser. Persistent cookies are stored on Your device even after You close Your browser and are stored there for up to 26 months.
4.2.5. The HappyMoon website uses the following cookies:
• Absolutely necessary cookies, which are essential for You to be able to navigate and use the functions of the website. If You wish to visit the HappyMoon website, these cookies will be set, informing You of this, but regardless of Your consent.
• Analytical cookies that obtain information about the number of visitors to our website and how visitors reach it, etc. We use this information to identify problems with the use of our website and to improve the user experience for the purposes of targeted advertising and promotional marketing.
• Cookies of third parties. Elements of some social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest) are linked to our website, which shares the content of the social media channel on our site, and can read the cookies of these channels as well as save them on Your device. The purpose of these cookies may be to personalise the advertisement placed on the social media channel.
4.2.6. The HappyMoon website uses a cookie report:

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Etsy, PinterestThird-Party CookieThe HappyMoon website allows You to share and read social media content and use other services provided by third parties. These social media providers may store cookies on Your device through the HappyMoon website if You have already logged in to their websites or use them on the HappyMoon site.
Google AnalyticsThird-Party CookieGoogle Analytics uses cookies to obtain information about when You first visited the website, how often You visit it and how long You stay on it. The information stored in these cookies is only visible to the relevant employees of HappyMoon and Google, and does not contain any confidential information or personal data. We also use Google Analytics cookies to monitor the functionality of our website.

4.2.7. The HappyMoon website contains links to HappyMoon’s public social media channels and third party sites. HappyMoon is not responsible for the security or content of third party websites, which is the sole responsibility of the owners of those websites. When You visit any third party websites or social media sites, we recommend You to read their privacy policies.
4.2.8. When posting messages, images, or comments on HappyMoon’s public media sites, please, note that information posted through public social media channels is visible to all users and visitors of the channel. Do not share any data that You do not want to disclose to the public on social media!


5.1. HappyMoon takes the necessary measures to ensure the lawfulness of the processing of personal data, the security of the personal data obtained and compliance with the data protection principles.
5.2. HappyMoon ensures that access to personal data is only granted to those HappyMoon employees or other persons who need access to perform tasks related to data processing purposes or to comply with legal requirements.

5.3. All HappyMoon employees who may have contact with personal data in the course of their professional duties are obliged not to disclose personal data.

5.4. HappyMoon stores Your personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or as required by law.

5.5. When retaining personal data, HappyMoon observes the following storage periods:
5.5.1. We retain the data obtained for the purpose of concluding the contract and fulfilling the contractual obligations for as long as it is necessary for the performance of the contractual obligations during the validity period of the contract and after the expiration of this contract for as long as any claims related to this contractual relationship may arise, but mostly 3 years after termination of the contract.
5.5.2. We store basic accounting documents for 7 years, unless the law requires certain documents to be stored for longer.
5.5.3. We store personal data obtained from website requests for [1 year].
5.5.4. We store the information obtained from cookies for [2 years].
5.5.5. We will normally store the data obtained on the basis of consent until the withdrawal of consent or for as long as agreed in the consent.
5.5.6. We keep the data of persons who have submitted a job application, but have not been hired, for 6 (six) months.

5.6. At the end of the storage period, all relevant personal data are permanently deleted from the computer systems and electronic documents that contained the relevant personal data, and paper documents containing personal data are destroyed or anonymised.


6.1. In certain cases, HappyMoon may transfer personal data to third parties within the European Economic Area:
6.1.1. If You have subscribed to receive news by e-mail, we will forward Your contact information to the HappyMoon marketing partner who performs the distribution of e-mails;
6.1.2. in relation to the administration of the HappyMoon website, self-service environment and databases, access to Your data may be granted to HappyMoon’s IT support providers;
6.1.3. for the purposes of internal management and customer base analysis, HappyMoon may transfer Your data to the parent company and other legal entities of the group;
6.1.4. HappyMoon may transfer Your data to public authorities if this is our obligation under applicable law.

6.2. HappyMoon shall only process data with persons whose registered office and data repositories are located in the European Economic Area and who have provided HappyMoon with sufficient guarantees that they use appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee secure personal data processing and an adequate level of data protection in accordance with European Union legislation. All data controllers shall be obliged not to disclose personal data.

6.3. For more detailed information on HappyMoon data controllers, please, contact HappyMoon using the information provided in the “Contacts” section.


7.1. With regard to the processing of personal data, You have all the rights provided by the applicable law and, in particular, the following rights:
7.1.1. Right to receive information about the processing of personal data – this Privacy Policy provides general information about how HappyMoon processes the Data Subject’s personal data and what data is processed: please contact HappyMoon for more information.
7.1.2. The right to access Your personal data in accordance with applicable law.
7.1.3. Right to update and correct data – You have the right to request that Your data be updated and corrected at any time. Personal data can be updated by submitting a request to HappyMoon or
in a self-service environment of HappyMoon.
7.1.4. Right to object – You have the right to object to the processing of Your personal data by HappyMoon if the personal data is processed in the legitimate interests of HappyMoon.
7.1.5. Right to restrict the processing of data – You have the right to request HappyMoon to restrict the processing of Your personal data.
7.1.6. Right to request to delete personal data – You have the right to request
HappyMoon to delete Your personal data.
7.1.7. Right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data – if the processing of Your personal data is based on Your consent, You may withdraw this consent given to HappyMoon at any time, and HappyMoon will stop processing Your personal data for this purpose.
7.1.8. The right to data portability – You have the right to receive the submitted personal data from HappyMoon, which were submitted to HappyMoon in writing or in a generally accepted electronic format and, if technically possible, to request HappyMoon to transfer such data to a third party service provider.
7.1.9. The right to submit a claim or complaint to the Data State Inspectorate – at Blaumaņa iela 11/13-15, Riga, LV-1011, [email protected], T. +371 67223131.

7.2. To exercise Your rights, please contact HappyMoon by using the information provided in the “Contacts” section. In the case of certain requests that require additional access or data processing, we may ask You to submit a request in the form of an electronically signed document so that we can sufficiently identify the person making the request. Please note that HappyMoon will always respond to inquiries at the earliest opportunity, but sometimes it may take up to 30 days to respond to inquiries and questions, so HappyMoon asks You to wait for a response.

7.3. HappyMoon ensures that the rights of Data Subjects are respected in accordance with applicable legislation. Please note that the rights of Data Subjects under the HappyMoon Privacy Policy sections are not absolute and unlimited. In some cases, the rights of other Data Subjects or the legitimate interests of HappyMoon may restrict Your rights.


8.1. HappyMoon reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy at any time. Following the change, the new terms and conditions will be published on the HappyMoon website.

8.2. This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.


9.1. If You have any questions about the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, or how HappyMoon processes Your personal data, or wish to make requests or complaints about the processing of personal data, please, contact HappyMoon by using the contact information below:
SIA Velo Machine
Address: Lielā iela 3, Dreilini, Riga District, LV-2130
email: [email protected]
Telephone: +371 29723467 or +371 29234458

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