1. How to Assemble the Item?
    1. Follow the User Manual for assembly, using the necessary spare parts.
    2. If available, watch the assembly video for guidance.
    3. Do not assemble without the User Manual to avoid damages not covered by the warranty.
  2. What to Do if an Item/Spare Part is Broken?
    1. Determine the cause of damage: shipping, production fault, or improper assembling/usage.
    2. Production fault or material defect: Apply for a warranty.
    3. Damaged box: Likely damaged during shipping; apply for warranty service.
    4. Improper assembling or usage: Refer to our spare parts list for self-replacement.
    5. Unlisted spare part: Contact us via Live Chat for assistance.
  3. How Can I Apply for a Warranty?
    1. We offer a 2-year warranty from the purchase date for all HappyMoon products.
    2. Read the Warranty section, fill out the warranty claim form, and send it to .
  4. Lost Some Spare Parts? How to Get Them?
    1. Purchase spare parts.
    2. Can't find a part or have questions? Contact us via Live Chat for assistance.
  5. Spare Parts Stuck in the Item?
    1. Contact us via Live Chat for repair guidance.
    2. Order a new spare part if necessary.
    3. Inappropriate assembling costs are covered by the customer.
  6. Noticed a Mark on the Wooden Material?
    1. Wood is a natural material; variations in grain, color, or texture signify quality, not defects.
  7. Item Usage and Maintenance Requirements:
    1. Assembly: Follow the User Manual instructions for safe and correct assembly.
    2. Intended Use: Use the item for its designed purpose to avoid damage or safety risks.
    3. Weight Limit: Adhere to the specified weight capacity to prevent damage and hazards.
    4. Storage: Keep the item in a safe, dry place away from humidity.
    5. Cleaning: Use a dry or slightly damp cloth with water only; avoid abrasive cleaners or chemicals.
    6. Weather: Do not use the item outdoors in wet conditions.
    7. Sunlight: Limit direct sunlight exposure to prevent fading or warping.
    8. Handling: Treat the item with care for longevity.
  8. Missed a Parcel Delivery?
    1. Contact the courier service with your tracking number.
  9. Uncertain or Need Help?
    1. Our customer service is ready to assist! Contact us via Live Chat or email .